Bicknell Bottoms

The Bottoms are an almost 700-acre wildlife habitat on the Fremont River. Located just outside of the town of Bicknell, this wetland is now a wildlife management area, drawing an abundance of migratory birds to the area. With its close location and numerous points of access it is a regular stop for birdwatchers and fisherman alike. Come by the store and we can direct you to a few of our favorite spots.

Capitol Reef National Park

If you ask us Capitol reef is the anchor to Utah's Mighty 5. Unparalleled beauty lies within the boundaries of this 378 square-mile park. Arches, bridges, and domes are among the prominent geological features.

To explore the park during the day offers the chance to view petroglyphs and thousands of years of prehistoric culture. Evenings on "The Reef" offer an opportunity to observe the sky absent the light pollution that is so prominent everywhere else in the continental US. Little wonder why it is a perennial favorite of sky-watchers and astro-photographers from all over the country. 

This is a wild place which offers true adventure for those who seek it, but "The Reef" is also incredibly accessible and many highlights can be enjoyed visitors of all age/ability. Capital Reef Outfitters is here to help you get the most out of your visit. Call or stop by the store, we can help arrange guides, gear, and supplies to make your visit a success.

Dixie & Fishlake National Forests

At 2 Million acres (DIxie) and 1.5 Million Acres (FIshlake), ~8500 feet of elevation (2.8k - 11.3k), alpine lakes, and quiet meadows, the Dixie National Forest offers visitors to this area additional and unexpected recreation options. As the altitude increases the climate cools off, providing a refreshing alternative to the desert landscape typically associated with the region.

Green, with a cooler climate,  and numerous points of access, the forest provides further opportunities to peddle, paddle and hike. Daytime attractions include hiking Box-Death hollow or taking a scenic drive to view Hell's Backbone but we think the real draw is camping.

There are tons of options and where you stay in this area will depend the amenities you want. Many of the larger sites can accommodate RVs (with hookups) and groups, through the forest service it is also possible to reserve a cabin/yurt, and naturally there is primitive wilderness camping for those wanting to get into the backcountry. Many resources are available to assist with your trip planning, including site reservation, through the US Forest Service. Naturally we have a few favorite spots that we are happy to share, just give us a call or come into the store for a cup of coffee.